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A room in which meals are eaten, as in a home or hotel, especially the room in which the major or more formal meals are eaten

Tradition Dining Room

The traditional dining room style is timeless and beautiful, adding warmth to the room. The dining space has a sophisticated yet cosy vibe thanks to dark tones, curved lines, and other subtle finishing touches.

Craftsmen Dining Room

The opposite of bustling, multifunctional rooms like the kitchen, the craftsman dining room is a simple space devoted solely to hosting and feasting.

Casual Dining Room

A sit-down table service just like a casual eatery, but they have an elevated theme, a trendy menu, and picture-worthy decor.

Modern Dining Room

Modern Contemporary Dining Rooms are spaces that have an open-space concept, with the kitchen merging with the dining or living room or the dining and living room merging

Dining Nook Dining Room

A dining room area that incorporates seating and a table. Usually the seats will be built in benches with storage. Corners work well to create an L shape or booth style arrangement.

Rustic Industrial Dining Room

The key to creating a rustic dining room is to layer your textures – think raw reclaimed wood furniture, slubby linens, antique furnishings, distressed finishes, natural elements like picked branches from your backyard and accessories that have a hand-crafted quality

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