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Furniture consists of large objects such as tables, chairs, or beds that are used in a room for sitting or lying on or for putting things on or in. Each piece of furniture in their home suited the style of the house.

Mughal Style Furniture

The Mughal Style found mostly in Northern India had a mostly Portuguese influence and the furniture was usually made from dark hardwoods with bone or ivory inlays

Goanese Style Furniture

The Goan style, is distinguished by small and elegant pieces richly carved with romantic flowery designs and/or adorned with religious motifs relating to the Christian influence of the Portuguese

Indo-Dutch Furniture Style

There is furniture like tall cupboards and large chests made of mahogany or satinwood which is mounted or inlaid with ebony and this style originates primarily from the Coromandel Coast. Floral ebony relief decoration inspired by the Dutch tulip on a satinwood cupboard.

Modern Style Furniture

Modern furniture has simple forms and shapes designed with straight, clear lines and no chaotic or additional details. The designs have simple geometric shapes and angles and are less decorative.

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