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Its visual format: the arrangement of its lines, shapes, colours, tones, and textures into an expressive pattern.

Oil Paint

Oil paints can achieve mat and glossy finishes, while being durable and affordable. They are characterized by their ease of application, and painted surfaces are easy to clean. Oil paint is commonly used in walls, doors, windows and metal structures

Enamel Paint

This type of paint is produced by adding lead or zinc to varnish. Pigments are added to achieve a wide variety of colors. Enamel paints form hard and glossy coatings, which are easily cleaned. They are characterized by being waterproof and chemically resistant, offering good coverage and color retention.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paints are characterized by their fast drying and hardening, and surfaces can be cleaned easily with water.

Cement Paint

Cement paint is water based paint and is applied to either exterior or interior including brick work and concrete. It is used for painting exterior wall surface mainly for preventing water penetration amd reductions of dirt collection. It is suitable for coating concrete as well as decorating indoor and outdoor walls.

Bituminous Paint

Bituminous paint is strong, waterproof, durable, and can resist harsh manufacturing chemicals and UV light. Bituminous paint protects the surfaces from rusting.

Aluminium Paint

This type of paint is produced by mixing aluminium particles with oil varnish. It is resistant to corrosion, electricity and weather exposure. Aluminum paint is commonly used for metals and wood, and some specific applications are gas tanks, oil tanks, water pipes and radiators

Anti-Corrosive Paint

Anti-corrosion paint is used to protect metal structures like bridges, railways, and buildings. It helps prevents rust and corrosion caused by exposure to rain, humidity, and pollution exposure.

Synthetic Rubber Paint

This paint is made from dissolved synthetic resins, and can include pigments. It has a moderate cost and its main benefits are chemical resistance, fast drying and weather resistance. Synthetic rubber paint is used for concrete surfaces in general, and this includes fresh concrete.

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