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Living rooms are usually one of the largest rooms of a house, located either in the middle of a house or in the front.

Minimalistic Style Living Room

Minimalist decor focuses on simplicity, often based around a neutral or monochromatic color palette with thoughtful accents of color, texture, and pattern.

Modern Style Living Room

A modern living room is simple, sleek and elegant. High ceilings, layered lighting and minimalistic furniture are all essential aspects in creating a modern living room for everyday enjoyment and relaxation.

Industrial Style Living Room

The industrial style typically has open floor plans and high ceilings. Instead of using drywall or wallpaper, buildings feature exposed brick, concrete floors, industrial pipes, and visible ductwork.

Scandinavian Style Living Room

A Scandinavian living room is typically bright and airy, with plenty of natural light and white walls. Furniture is typically simple and functional, with clean lines and few decorative details. In order to create a cosy atmosphere, textiles such as blankets and pillows are often used to add color and warmth.

Traditional Style Living Room

A traditional living room layout tends to be symmetrical. This is part of what creates that secure, reliable feeling within traditional design. A sofa, opposite two matching armchairs, with coordinating side and coffee tables is a classic look.

Rustic Style Living Room

Rustic decor is rich in warmth and texture, making it the ideal design style for a cozy, welcoming feel. It’s a natural fit for a living room, family room, or any other space your family uses to relax and unwind.

Simple Style Living Room

A simple living room looks smart and sophisticated decorated in black and white, but if you are sticking religiously to the monochrome color scheme, it’s vital to ensure that you add plenty of texture into the room to ensure it feels warm and welcoming.

Eclectic Style Living Room

Eclectic decor brings together different shapes, compositions, and design elements that normally wouldn’t complement each other to create an additional dimension or layer of interest.

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